Welcome to the Kin Developers' Community Forum!

Welcome to the Official Kin Developers Community Forum

This is a place for our developer community to share ideas, collaborate and help each other to build amazing Kin apps.

Please make sure to check out the following before getting started:

This is the place where you will find all of the documentation for our SDKs, Modules and Hello Worlds

Kin Developers Discord:
A discord server for developer to discuss Kin in real time

Kin Ecosystem Github:
The location for all of our open source code

Kin Laboratory:
Here you can use our laboratory to generate wallets and build transactions on both our Public and Test blockchains

Blockchain Explorer:
You can use this for viewing wallets and transactions on our blockchain

Kin Stats:
Current overall statistics of earns and spends in the ecosystem

Kin Apps:
A a list of all the current Kin integrated apps for you to download!

Kin Blog:
All the latest news and articles published by Kin

Kin Twitter:
The general Kin Foundation and Kin Developer Twitter Accounts