Kin Developers' Community Code of Conduct

Official Kin Developers Forum Code of Conduct

This community is a community for Kin Developers to help each other and even provide valuable feedback to the project itself.

We welcome spectators to join us, but if you are not a developer please be respectful and do not flood the threads with questions and suggestions while people are trying to learn and a build.

This is not a place for toxic negativity and it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you have issues with the project or another person in the community, please find a way to resolve it in a constructive manner or take it somewhere else.

We ask that you do:

  • Keep conversations related to development
  • Ask questions
  • Meet people
  • Have inclusive and open minded discussions
  • Share you thoughts and ideas
  • Help your fellow community members
  • Share you open source projects
  • Build amazing Kin Apps together
  • Be awesome to each other

We ask that you do not:

  • Harass or abuse any community member.
  • Share racist, sexist, sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise offensive & disturbing content.
  • Share political or religious content.
  • Send unsolicited private messages to anyone.
  • Share content or discuss any form of pirated or illegal content.
  • Disclose personal or confidential information about anyone other than yourself.
  • Advertise outside of the appropriate channels.
  • Have inappropriate profile names or images.
  • Spam the community in any form.
  • Impersonate Kin or any other community members.

If you break the code of conduct you will first be warned. Repeat offenders will be removed from the server at the discretion of the Admins and Moderators.

We’re all here because we want to help build a successful ecosystem of Kin apps and the best way to do that is work together. Each of us has the ability to inspire one another and we love seeing our community come together!